Royal Chitwan National Park
Area: 932
Park Established: 1973
Just a twenty-five minute flight or five hour drive from kathmandu or Pokhara, plus and extremely exciting white water rafting ride and you will find yourself in the most enchanting subtropical jungle - Royal Chitwan national Park. One of the remaining such jungles of the world and one of the remaining such jungles of the world and one of the best national parks of Asia. In it you will discover the lost world pf prehistoric rhinoceros, magnificent royal bengle tiger, towering trees and twisting vines with dream-like Tharu tribal villages at its fringes.

It contains slightly more tan 500 one-horned rhinoceros, approximately 90 royal bengle tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild bison, striped hyena, gangetic dolphin, an estimated 47 species of reptiles, 126 of fish in the park. It is also the habitat of the near extinct gharials (crocodile). There are about 90 species of aquatic life including marsh magar (crocodile). The world her is wild and enchanting, where even now you can feel the spirit of the time of great explorers. The 932 sq. km. park also holds a place as a world heritage site.